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Essential Oils For Hypertension: The Natural Remedies

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High blood pressure occurs when the heart works extra hard to pump blood to all parts of the body. You can reduce high blood pressure by changing your lifestyle. Drugs also can help in controlling this condition. But with the increase in side effects of using medicines many people have resorted to natural ways for treatment of high blood pressure. Essential oils are such natural remedies that are known to be useful in treating high blood pressure. These oils, not only treat high blood pressure but they also come with other benefits.

Ylang Ylang oil

It is commonly known for its smooth smell. Inhaling ylang ylang promotes a soothing and relaxing effect on the body hence reducing stress. This essential oil can also be blended with bergamot essential oil to provide a mixture that when inhaled slows rapid heartbeat and reduces high blood pressure and cortisol levels in the body.

Lavender oil

It is an everyday essential oil that you can take in several ways. For those that love its sweet scent inhalation is the recommended way. If you are the type that doesn't fancy scent then most definitely you can add lavender oil to your bath water. It is a general healer that has many therapeutic uses. Using lavender oil will make you feel relaxed hence reducing your heartbeat and blood pressure making it an excellent oil for its effects in managing hypertension.

Marjoram Oil

This sweet essential oil helps in dilating blood vessels which promotes blood circulation and thereby preventing high blood pressure. It has been used in traditional Moroccan culture to treat hypertension. Studies have shown that this soothing oil can also help in reducing myocardial oxidative stress which is known to cause heart attacks. Taking this oil will also help you improve digestion, hormonal levels as well as muscular ache.

Frankincense oil

This soothing anti-inflammatory oil is well known for its ability to reduce stress and regulate the heart. While using it for a long time, its benefits increase over time. These benefits include lowering high blood pressure and promoting mental clarity. Egyptians have used this oil in their ceremonies to encourage peace of mind. What makes this oil even better is the ease of use. It has a sweet aroma, and you can decide to blend it with a carrier oil like olive oil and rub it on your neck and smell it when asleep.

Clary sage oil

This essential oil has a sweet smell with fantastic therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that Clary is even more effective in controlling blood pressure than lavender. It reduces anxiety levels in the body; this helps in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also works best as an anti-inflammatory on the muscles.

Neroli oil

Neroli has properties of an antidepressant that relieve the body and alleviates the nervous system. By reducing depression and easing stress, it helps the body to lower blood pressure. Stress increases the production of stress hormones that are well known to cause chronic hypertension; Neroli plays a significant role in reducing chances of chronic hypertension. The best way to take this oil is to inhale it due to its sweet smell.

Jasmine oil

It can give feelings of euphoric. These feelings calm the body and soul as well as a boosting confidence and high emotions. It also plays a vital role in balancing activities of the body such as breathing, feelings, and pain. This balancing effect makes it very useful in lowering high blood pressure.

Rose oil

Roses are known for their sweet scent; equally the rose oil has a refreshing aroma that has a calming and anti-inflammatory quality that gives the body a relaxation effect. The calmness of the body leads to a balance of the hormonal and emotional disruptions in the body. This balance enables the body to experience an increase in blood circulation making the blood pressure to stay down.

Lemon oil

You will need lemon balm oil to help regulate your blood pressure because of its antidepressant properties. It can be used at home for so many purposes including but not limited to indigestion, anxiety as well as boosting energy levels. Lemon oil is also known to protect against heart attacks and palpitations. It also improves mental clarity and reduces stress.

For best results, these essential oils can be inhaled or applied during massage. Most of these essential oils can be used on their own while others can be blended to ensure better and faster results.

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