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Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Citrus and Everything Nice!

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Having an effective weight loss strategy consisting of great essential oil combinations is critical for anyone aiming to reduce weight. Many people lack the discipline and strength to include essential oil in their slimming diet mostly due to ignorance, while others throw in random oils in basins hoping it will work for them. Although conventional weight loss options are easily available on the market, essential oils play a massive supportive role in the fat burning process. It is for this reason that our team of experts recommends regular workout together with the following list of the perfect essential oil blends.

1. Citrus

Known for its amazing cleansing capabilities, citrus especially lime is the most effective essential oil that is widely used in weight loss as well as treatment of drug-induced obesity. Apart from dissolving fat in your body, lime also boosts brain work activity by rehydrating the cells which increase the level of energy to promote a positive mood.

One of the best citrus blends is having 2-3 drops of lime oil to water then come up with a smoothie which you can have at home or at work. Research also shows that the combination is the perfect start to a day for those feeling groggy.

2. Cinnamon

For ideal results in weight loss and perfect balance in sugar level, cinnamon is the top remedy. The reason why most people turn to overeating is mainly that of unstable blood sugar levels. And that is why it is impossible to burn calories or even exercise when the sugar level is low. Cinnamon oil is essential because it rejuvenates the body and reverses the sugar level giving you the necessary strength to workout.

Cinnamon oil aid in reducing the risk of inflammation and heart disease. Add 2-3 drops of cinnamon to a cup of tea, hot water or smoothie and enjoy your drink. If the mixture is a bit stronger for your buds, inhale it directly from the cup.

3. Peppermint Oil

Apart from ensuring that the training is fresh and energetic, Peppermint assists in reducing the burn in the muscles during and after working out. It will help soothe the sores in the muscles and also reduce recovery time so you are back to your exercise schedule. A recent study also mentioned that a significant percentage of athletes prefer taking mint during training. They say it’s because of its effective properties of increasing ventilation and brain oxygen level.

Peppermint oil helps to eliminate fatigue, cravings and also improves focus during training. You can mix it with toothpaste when brushing or have 2-3 drops as part of your usual cup of tea.

4. Grapefruit oil

Extracted from the peels, grapefruit oil makes the ideal cocktail for anyone looking to activate the enzymes that play a huge role in breaking down body fat. D-limonene is the compound that makes most of the oil and it is popular for its cleansing and lymphatic healing properties. The direction here is that it should be applied topically to the skin and that’s why you’ll find it in most cellulite creams. Grapefruit oil is effective in the fat burning process since it triggers the enzymes in your saliva. Mix it with patchouli oil to have a combination that will reduce food cravings and hunger.

5. Ginger Oil

Ginger is one of the greatest essential oils popular for reducing inflammation and cravings. This combination supports ingestion and also helps in the absorption process. The ginger oil contains gingerols that are proven to reduce intestinal inflammations as well as ensuring optimum absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The compound promotes weight loss by supporting the cellular energy of the body and the best part is the fact that it also possesses antioxidant. Ginger oil solution is the best remedy for pain and swelling.

6. Rosemary Oil

Considered sacred by ancient Greeks, rosemary is the therapy of choice for anyone aiming to boost circulatory and digestive functions of the body. Rosemary oil is popular for boosting nerve growth factor including supporting the healing process of brain tissue.

The oil will help you improve memory and relieve muscle aches and pains which is essential in any workout process. The herb is also common around Mediterranean region for its purpose in helping reduce cancer risk as well as improving prostate health and hair growth

All of the above compounds can be ingested individually or you can have a blend of 2-4 essential oils for healthy results. Essential oils are the most powerful forms of medicine that have been used by natives and tribesmen for more than five thousand years. It is, for this reason, that fitness pros now recommend taking different oil blends for their aromatic and therapeutic properties.

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