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Here Are The Essential Oils You Can Try On Sore Throat

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When you are affected with a sore throat you are tempted to seek a doctor to give you antibiotics to calm it down not knowing that in some cases they may cause more harm to you. One of the best remedies that have been proved by medical experts is the use of essential oils. Here are some of the most popular essential oils that can heal your sore throat:

Eucalyptus oil has been seen to stimulating the flow of blood in the respiratory system, this oil can speed up the healing and recovery from a sore throat as it has antioxidants that help to fight the infections. The best way to use this oil is by inhaling it, you can also use it in steam inhalation therapies, room diffusers or sprinkle it on your pillow before you sleep at night.

Cedarwood oil has also been proved to heal a sore throat. It’s antispasmodic feature assists to calm down muscle spasms and any irritations caused by a sore throat in the respiratory system. This helps to improve breathing and reduce coughing as you are treating the infection. For you to use the oil you should blend it with almond oil then apply it on your chest on your back before you sleep.

Juniper berry oil can be used for soothing sore throats as it contains an anti-inflammatory substance that can ease that urge to cough and relieve pain in the respiratory tract. You can apply a diluted juniper berry oil in the throat to ease the pain.

Lavender oil can be quite effective in treating the nervous system. It has a calming effect is great to be used by individuals who want to relax or calm their nerves. It can also be used to treat migraine headaches, depression, stress, and tension. Lavender oil is also good to help encourage mental alertness.
Lavender oil is a very powerful and lovely smelling, essential oil that has many fantastic uses. It can be used to treat tired, sore and tense muscles, as well as help one relax. Its’ tension reducing qualities have long been touted. Individuals that are familiar with essential oils, count lavender as one their favorites. The oil’s versatility means that the user can use the oil to treat a wide range of ailments or to prevent them from ever developing.

Pine oil is used to relieve a sore throat because of its expectorant and anti-inflammatory features that helps to go through the phlegm and assist in removing the bacteria containing the substance in your chest. For you to use this oil you can put it in a room diffuser or add 5-8 drops to water in a basin and take a bath using this water.

Rosemary oil also has antiseptic and antibacterial features that quickly relieve any sinus congestion in your chest and any other bacteria causing a sore throat. You can use rosemary oil in a room diffuser or in a more concentrated steam inhalation room.

Hyssop oil can also to be used to treat a sore throat as it contains some antibacterial features that are able to act as a defender of the respiratory system. It also has an anti-inflammatory feature that helps in healing irritated tissues in your throat. Affected patients are recommended to add some drops of this oil to warm water and inhaling deeply its steam so at to clear out the inflammation in the chest.

Peppermint oil is also the most popular oil for the healing of a sore throat. When you use it will calm spasms, minimize inflammation, increase the removal of mucus from the chest.You can use this oil by rubbing 4-5 drops in the chest before you sleep.

Thyme oil has both the antibacterial and antioxidant abilities that can help to stimulate healing of damaged tissues in the lungs and throat. It is highly beneficial to any individual who may have a sore throat infection. One can use this oil by adding 6-7 drops to a steam inhalation treatment or use a blender to blend it; rub on his/her chest before sleeping at night this can help to ease a sore throat.

if you surely use one of the above essential oils you will heal your sore throat. It is high time you try them.

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