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Supplement Other Therapies with These Essential Oils for Depression

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Depression is one of the most common psychological problems that affect people worldwide. It is a mental problem that is characterized by sleep problems, irritability, anxiety, change in appetite and other bad feelings. The symptoms can be mental and physical, meaning that it can be a challenge to treat it in an effective manner. The most important thing to note is that if it is left untreated, it can lead to suicide or other fatal behaviors. 

There are several treatments applied including different types of therapies. They are the most common treatment strategies because of their high-level effectiveness. However, it is also possible to supplement other therapies using essential oils. 

Essential oils for depression

Essential oils work effectively in treating depression because of their ability to elevate mood. They work effectively because their smell acts as an emotional trigger because it is taken to the brain directly. One important thing to note is that our hormonal balance and emotions respond strongly to basic smells. This is why scents are important in our lives because they enhance emotion and memory, meaning they can help treat depression. Here are some of the essential oils for depression that can be used to supplement other therapies. 


This is one of the most effective essential oil used in treating depression. It works effectively because it is a great stimulant. It enhances positive feelings such as freshness, joy and boosts energy by boosting blood circulation. The oil works more effectively if the symptoms include muscle tension, fatigue or anxiety. Bergamot is used by rubbing three drops into the hand and then cupping your nose and mouth. You are then supposed to breathe it slowly. You can also rub it on your stomach and feet too. 

Lavender oil 

This oil helps elevate mood and has been used over the years for depression treatment. The great thing about using lavender oil is that there are no side effects involved in the process. Lavender aromatherapy helps boost mood when used on daily basis. It also helps improve sleep quality and improve the overall health of patients suffering from depression. It works effectively because of its anti-anxiety, analgesic and relaxing properties. You can use it by putting a diffuser near your bed and diffuse it as you sleep in your room. It is also applied by rubbing topically behind your ears to get similar benefits. 

Frankincense oil 

Frankincense oil has been used for many years because of its spiritual significance. However, it has gained popularity in the modern times because of its high-level effectiveness in reducing depression symptoms. Inhaling it leads to improved mood because it helps open up an ion channel found in the brain that helps in regulating emotions.  

Rose oil

Rose essential oil has a pleasant smell that helps uplift psychological effects that go a long way in helping treat depression. It has therapeutic properties that help boost feelings of sedation, calmness and minimize muscle tension. The oil works by reducing contraction of the muscles, making it offer calming effect. This oil is considered as the best for treating postpartum depression. 

Vanilla essential oil

This oil works perfectly as a natural remedy for depression. It contains vanillin, a compound with anti-depressant effects similar to the ones offered by Prozac. 

Nutmeg oil

Popular for its unique aroma, this oil work perfectly as a natural treatment for depression. It leads to mood improvement and mobility. In addition to treating depression, the oil is also essential in boosting overall body health. 


Peppermint essential oil helps treat depression by its calming and invigorating effects. It works by reducing mental stress and bring back mind in the state of regeneration and relaxation. 


This essential oil is effective in calming overactive mind. It helps muscles to relax and boost sleep quality. It works more effectively in case you feel unsettled and discouraged. 

How to apply these essential oils 

The above essential oils for depression are basically recognized because they have aromatic effects on the problem and related symptoms. You can use them by inhaling the scent or allow them to disperse into your area.  Regardless of the method that you apply them, you can rest be assured that you will get positive effects in depression treatment. 
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