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About Us

SCENT From Rainforest 🌳

Yes. You're right! We harvest it from Southeast Asia countries because they have the rich soils and rainforest which perfectly grow most of the natural plants and herbs with higher nutrient content for the making of our essential oils. 


Not Just High Nutrient in Every Bottle 

The greater the heat and the longer the time of exposure, the greater the nutrient destruction. To retain maximum nutrient & medicinal value from the plants, we are using the cold-pressed method. This method has no external heat or high temperature to carry out in the process. And the oil would collect and separate by centrifugal force without using any chemical solvent.


 Clear & Smooth

Thanks to the cold process! You won't feel oily & sticky after applying on skin. And it is suitable for sensitive skin! 🕺🏻


We Know You ❤️ this & this & this

Not just high medicinal value & high nutrient we are looking for in our Pure Essential Oil. We know you ❤️ the natural scent of its original plants so we don't put in any addictive fragrance or aroma to enhance the scent of our Pure Essential Oil. But it still smells good!


People Loves FREE

8SCENT.CO Pure Essential Oil offers you:
100% Alcohol-FREE 👻
100% Chemical-FREE 👩🏼‍🔬
100% Cruelty-FREE 🐁