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Our Story

Hi, I am Jackson, the founder of 8SCENT.CO. You might be thinking a guy likes me why started in this business. I have been introduced essential oil since last few years. Before this, I have listened about how good is the essential oil but I never try it out until one day my sister brought me a blended essential oil. This blended oil basically helps to improve blood circulation and immune system and I found it did work very well for me. I was thinking like WOW! What a magic!?



I noticed that friends around me (included my wife) not using essential oil although they know the benefits of it. I interviewed few of them and their answers are basically same. Their skin gets redness after applying essential oil (although it is diluted). I am started to wonder: What is the content inside the essential oil? Any additional chemical inside? Why will skin get redness? Is that any essential oil for sensitive skin?  After that, we struggled to look for the solutions until we try to use the cold-pressed method to extract the oil.



Most of the essential oil selling in the market now are using steam distill method (use the heat to extract the oil) and some of them are chemically scented.  As we know using heat to treat the plant might destroy its nutrient content or its scent. Therefore we use the cold-pressed method because YOUR SKIN DESERVE CHEMICALLY FREE!  And the cold-pressed process involves very low heat so our essential oil preserves its purity & quality. We want every babe like you love to enjoy the high nutrient in every drop.